FREE Club Admission

Looking To Party In Orlando?

If you are looking to experience the Orlando night life, LimoVenture is the right company for you!

Save more money than the Limo costs to rent from Bar hopping.

Don’t pay for gas, tolls, fuel, parking, and DO NOT risk a DUI.

When you add up all of the free admissions, free drinks, free shots as well, you will easily save more than the limo cost you.

LimoVenture Is The Only Limo Service That Offers FREE Entry and Drinks For Each Person at Blue Martini, A Shot at Señor Frog's and Each Club You Visit Will Be Free To Get In

Plus you get to have a few drinks in back of the limousine going to and from your destination.

FREE ADMISSION to all ORLANDO NIGHTCLUBS included with each Limo rental Bar Hop!

LimoVenture. Party in Orlando
  • Your entire group pays no cover charges and several nightclubs offer: Free drinks, free shots and free/discounted bottle.
  • Save $10 to $25 per person per nightclub and you're welcome to visit as many clubs as you wish. Save more $ than LIMO rental!
  • All INCLUDED with EACH LIMO RENTAL and only LimoVenture provides this service and separate ourselves from other standard limo companies.

We Look Forward To Serving You and It Would Be Our Pleasure To Provide Outstanding Service To You and Your Party For Your Event

  • ** Blue Martini (VIP pass – FREE ENTRY AND ONE FREE drink per person for your entire group (BEFORE 9pm)
  • ** Señor Frog’s – FREE ENTRY AND ONE FREE shot per person for your entire group
  • NEWEST HOT CLUB! – MANGO‘s save $20 per person at the hottest club in Orlando
and more!